Posted on: September 11, 2009

dreamt of strange dreams last night, and its funny because while i usually am not able to recall what my dreams were about, these two were completely vivid.

the first was some kind of catastrophe that happened to the area i was living in, and my house was like a mansionette, where i lived with friends/family, and when the catastrophe happened the house was turning moving crashing and the first thing i did was run upstairs to my desk (this desk that i have right now in toronto) and grab my passport and one other item. then i ran back to my friends/family and we did some other stuff – before i realised i should’ve grabbed my camera instead of that one item. its abit hazy now because this was the first dream. haha. so funny right. pick and choose what it means i guess.

the second was even weirder. there was a party of some sort and i was meeting up at some top floor of a building, in a very pink room with toilet cubicles filling up one side of the room like how those big shopping centre toilets are like. periodically people would head to the toilets (to use them, of course! what are you thinking?) and there was once i was in it and my boyfriend arrived at the scene separately from me (i didn’t know he was going too) with a bunch of friends i didn’t recognise. i was so happy to see him that i ran out and pulled him around the house, and then went out of the house and some friends came with us. we were walking along this weird passageway that gave way to the top of the building, and bats were flying around even though it was day, and there were dark corners with boogeymen in it.

and then i woke up. STRANGE.


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