when the fat lady sings

Posted on: September 8, 2009

school starts tomorrow, and very soon we’ll all be busy with clubs, classes and finally, after all’s said and done, convocation.

sometimes i wonder..

for me, graduation will come at the end and culmination of five years – longer than most people in universities in Singapore, though ironically in UofT it is the majority that takes this route.

where will i go after this? i have learnt SO MANY things, done so much, and still i want to learn more. i have so many ideas that yearn to take life, i see so many things in this world that could use tweaking – and this begs the final question.

what would i choose? a career doing what i thoroughly love, or a career doing what i feel needs to be done in the world?

supposing what you love cannot lose its faith, and what needs to be done is not something you love but you are thoroughly capable of? put yourself in this thought experiment, and which would you choose?

no, im not emo when i write this, but sometimes in the midst of everything i do stop and wonder, again. my question used to be: as a biologist, would you study what needs studying, or what you love (and for all you scientists out there who know the reality, pretend in both situations you’d be able to get funding :D)?

DSC_0266 you can be carefree while pursuing your dreams, yes?

DSC_0508 sleeping in the meadows where you research?

DSC_0288 and enjoying the night sky?

so i asked the chin and the chong about their views on this question – and they in turn asked me back. you know, i could change my answer a hundred times before i finally choose a path (and then again i might change back), but the point is that for now, i think i’d do what’s needed. what i feel is needed. don’t think i can live a life not doing that, because i’d get too frustrated with what’s going on, with myself, and with what i know should be done but isn’t. i think that’s the niche i fill, as a human being.

DSC_0305 the chinchongtuan (:

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