the day before school

Posted on: September 8, 2009


i rose to a misty morning today, mistier than i’ve ever seen it! :D look at how the buildings disappear into the sky. now though it’s nightfall, and the sky is gorgeous, even without red-purple streaks across the sky nor clouds, it’s all lavender, and the blanketed lavender with buildings painted golden from the sun is beautiful. (:


karen took this picture of us eating our lunch today, its a rosti lunch! courtesy again of desmond, of course (: kster and i went to no frills at sherbourne today, nearly died coming back. its 3 subway stops away, but we walked there initially, and it was such a long walk! i did pass by the bata shoe museum and that’s where i need to get my reprotext for my anthropology class tomorrow. readings will begin soon!

at the very least, things were very cheap there (luckily or i’d be really unhappy), and i bought lots of soup, pasta sauce, tuna cans – apart from potato chips, health bars, fruit juice and some bars of chocolate. mmm (:


this is the university of toronto map of st. george campus and you can see highlights and circles? those are my classrooms for this semester. have to figure out how to get there tomorrow – the great thing is that most of us have majority of similar courses, so we’ll be going there or coming back from there together tomorrow.

im still wondering if i should take more subjects here (i can’t really find any more that i’m willing to spend time on and are interesting enough to take as a course) because i only have three courses right now. next semester i’ll have four. at the same time i don’t want to overload or be at where i’m usually at with nus (meaning 5 courses).

shrugs. we’ll see! i’ll go online tomorrow and look at the courses again tomorrow and email the coordinator. (:

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