a part (of mo)ments

Posted on: September 8, 2009

DSC_0486  from the balcony

so the past few days saw the three of us (des, eve and i) running around downtown and uptown toronto running errands – going wall mart, ikea, no frills, metro and other miscellaneous places to get food, furniture, colourful random stuff to decorate with.

DSC_0244  des at eve’s table

if you look at the background, you’ll notice a pillow, sleeping bags, and very bare floor. furniture wasn’t in yet when this photo was taken!

DSC_0245 my breakfast!

and this, was taken when my table was set in place and i had quite happily settled down into my corner of the apartment (:

so before i go on, i have to tell you the whole story. after parting from the jokers at joker’s hill, we left for global village backpackers intending to stay for the few nights before we could move into the apartment. after just one night there, we left – because:

1. not safe (or didn’t feel safe)
2. we were all separated into pairs in each room of 10 or more strangers
3. we got the keys that day so we could move in the next day
4. there were LATE parties and strange people

so we checked ourselves out, made arrangements to move in early, and hosted the other four at our place. while it was not happy sleeping on the floor, we were at least safe, and in that we found happiness. (:


a new dawn with everyone in their sleeping bags! after the first morning we realised the urgent need to get curtains. the sun rays in toronto, apart from being bright (as it is in every other country), BURNS.


karen just woken up and eating.. something.

and then after going to ikea and buying furniture and stuff, we’ve got a more filled up apartment now! (:


evelyn’s and my bed. guess whose is whose! we’re christmas partiers haha.


the view from where i sit at my desk. i’m still setting up my wall and decorating my area, but it already feels like ‘home’! (: see my wall ‘posters’ below:


we picked up mattresses from outside our block days before, and that same day we also picked up a sofa, pretty and new-ish looking (if you don’t look too near haha). AND

yesterday we went to visit talia at her place at canon jackson drive (a subway and bus ride down) and she gave us a rug! :D so now we have a sofa AND a rug at our place!


note the extremely bright lights outside my window – i live at the 17th floor, so those bright lights are actually from the stadium outside a few blocks away. i think there’s a game going on or something.

added to our set of furniture was a tv cabinet given to us for free by angie who sold me the vacuum cleaner for ten bucks :D :D it is now our official dining table. makes eating very cozy indeed.


and last but not least, with lots of love, these are my apartment-mates! peiwen im not calling them roomie, rest assured (: this is a brunch we cooked, and we’ve been cooking for a few days now. it’s fantastic! and im not abashed to say that desmond is by far the better cook. im second in line, and then evelyn helps out in every possible way! :D des is our apartment chef! (:

more to come!


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