clubba clubba

Posted on: September 7, 2009


it was clubs day last friday, and there were more than a hundred club booths set up on campus! TOO MANY PEOPLE but good music and dancing were about and settled that :D the three of us walked around and we bumped into krystal and chingy at their respective booths, dancing and red cross. surprised to see chingy there!


AND THEN as we sat down to rest a while after walking a long time, i saw THIS GUY. see the red circles? he is carrying and OLD camera (or a new camera make of a old model), and it is the camera I WANT. haha. seriously if i don’t go into photography in my middle age please slap me. i went crazy when i saw that. haha.

we went round in circles after that (literally), trying to find the mssa (msia singapore club) and we ended up tired and annoyed that we couldn’t find them when suddenly:


lots of people were gathered at a junction and cheering/screaming/shouting at each other, waving their hands all about. yet another orientation thing, i supposed.


but as they finished screaming at each other they passed us, and they started shouting UTM UTM. its the university of toronto missausaga campus students, coming into university of toronto st. george campus and making a ruckus. haha. tsk tsk. was fun though! this is one of the better shots of them, look at the energy and the different people shouting!


we got ALOT of freebies, most items and not food though. annie here is carrying the frisbee (YAYY) and poster, as well as waterbottle.

reminded me of the matric fair we have back home. i don’t really like (to be part of) such events any more, orientation’s so over for me. i think too much of it in junior college blew me off.

DSC_0312 eager chongster’s drinking from the waterbottle already :D

we also went to visit karen’s dorm and annie/lily’s dorm! very nicely settled in, their places were pretty cool. and im pretty sure annie/lily’s dorm is bigger than any double room in nus. shrugs. the absolutely fantastic part though was that while we were playing bridge their don came in, and he wanted to watch us play (and he played too) and he was fascinated coz he had never played floating bridge before. but that’s not the fantastic part. it’s that HE PLAYS BOARDGAMES.

he’s played small world and dominion and ticket to ride and citadels and omg i was so psyched!!

told him and annie and lily to invite me over when they want to play :D im so happy. gonna ask him where he got the boardgames here. mebbe there’s a shop i missed! :D



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