Posted on: September 2, 2009

the last day of joker’s hill saw us walking through a lazy, misty morning and that made it all the more surreal!

so, forgive the late introduction, but here’s a snapshot (literally) of all the jokers at ksr. (: chingy alicja katie daniel desmond evelyn mindy rosanna esther shweta lily annie karen krystal talia sarah

DSC_0301.1 chingy: the emo one with the jokes

DSC_0306.1 alicja: she taught us KURWA. (:

DSC_0460  rosanna: the little terror!

 DSC_0394 katie: the singer with the voice

DSC_0465 desmond: desmond the dancer

DSC_0468  daniel: the polisci-history questioner

DSC_0236 evelyn: nutty bubbler

DSC_0299  shweta: eloquent lip purser!

DSC_0508.1 annie: random word generator

 DSC_0303 esther: calm, cool, crazy :D

DSC_0408 lily: collected and

DSC_0363.1 talia: miss fashionista (:

DSC_0324 sarah: coolness defined

DSC_0310 krystal: hip-nutella-hop dancer

DSC_0046 karen: kiwi-ster

DSC_0464 becca: talks-really-fast-and-alot TA (:

DSC_0454.1 ivana: witty and insightful lecturer (:

13 days went past just LIKE THAT and at the same time it felt like a LIFETIME. it felt like a normal lifestyle and it felt almost like family. it doesn’t seem like its possible in the logical mind but the emotions say it all.


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