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The housewarming party yesterday was such a blast! First the chinchongtuan had a mini movie session the night before, watching hard candy – which, by the way, is pretty disturbing. A very good, but disturbing film. Ellen Page is as usual, brilliant in the movie.

And then it was shopping at Chinatown to get groceries for the party and for 1-2 weeks! Bought a whole list of things, and while we were there (chong had the idea already but I didn’t know) we decided to do a Singaporean dinner theme!

Laksa, Chicken curry, sambal Kang Kong and Ba Chor Mee was in order! Off we scuttled around the shop to get beansprouts, fish, prawn, kangkong, coconut cream, etc. When we left the place, the empty bags we brought to the shop to carry groceries was FILLED. :D happiness!

Look at how happy our fridge looks! That’s Sarah giving her stamp of approval. :D

Then it was off to cook. Chong was chef 1 and Chin was chef 2, and I was the floating chef-photographer-social butterfly.

We had so much food! By the time everyone had arrived and we were serving food out, it was really evident that there was too much food. We didn’t even cook laksa, just meepok noodles with sambal kong kong (omg happiness) and curry chicken. Lily, Annie and Karen very graciously bought flowers for our apartment! So now there’s a beautiful bunch of flowers sitting on my desk. It’s such a happy pot!

Karen brought her speakers, and Karen and Krystal baked cookies (coffee and chocolate chip!); Annie and Lily brought Singapore desserts (chendol) and egg tarts (omg egg tarts!); Sarah, Talia, Krystal and Alicja brought wine wine and more wine and vodka! It was so much fun dancing randomly to music, shouting lyrics to a song, telling funny stories of breaking bones or breaking other people’s bones – I am so glad we finally had the party!

Here’s to Ivana, Becca, Katie, Daniel, Shweta, Rosanna and Chingy for not being to make it. Come for Halloween alright! Look at us the crazy bunch:

On a side note, my webcam is not working still, and even the headset doesn’t work anymore. Upsetting. I am really upset its not even funny anymore. And I’m frustrated with trying to find out how to do this with the stress of having to find out fast or risk disappointing people. Sigh.

On another, much happier side note – WE HAVE BOOKED BUS TICKETS TO MONTREAL!!! AND HOSTEL TOO. OMG OMG I am so excited! We’ll be there for three days, excluding travel time. WAY TO GO MAN! (:


It’s sunny again today! The sun has come out and chased all the bugs away :D While I’m up early I thought I’d just test the system in putting up many photos. Food time!

Cod fillet on the left, delish spaghetti with various ingredients on the right. See next picture.

Snow peas! :D Various mushrooms, carrots, etc. Yayy!

Beautiful! Anything with rice rocks now. This is wild herb rice (courtesy of Lipton’s sidesnacks), stir fried tofu with tomato-cheese omelette, and salsa sauce on the side.

Fuscilli with spinach! Omg I love spinach. It’s damn expensive here though.

Stir-fried potato pieces (self-made) on top of cheese omelette, with salmon-crab mushroom tomato side. :D


I may not look like it, being caught in Karen’s bright flash as she borrowed Dante to use again, but I am DAMN happy with my RICE. (:

This is my stash in the kitchen. Granola bars and muesli rock the house! Nutty eh. I mean, the on-sale price tags on these items helped too.

Random photo depicting the mad preparation for the essay. Ended up writing 2942 words – word range was 2500 to 3500 words. Was insane though, I thought it’d never end. Thank goodness this is the longest essay I have to write in this semester, and it’s OVER. (:

So, after this test, I conclude that ScribeFire’s not very good with photos. Or at least, the uploading was such a hassle compared to Windows Live Writer’s ease of use. WLW spoilt me lah. With SF, I have to manually open the browser to insert photo, and when its inserted its too big, makes the program lag, and I have to manually make it a smaller size, but too many photos makes the system lag. Typing speed becomes stunted. Oh well.

On the other hand, GIMP as a photo editor is pretty intriguing. Getting a little bit used to it. Know how to do certain things intuitively already, just puzzled there doesn’t seem to be an option to resize photos. I think though that’s what I have to do from now on for SF. Resize before placing it in my computer (because I save to my external hard drive from now on), and only then I place it in SF. Such a pity drag and drop option doesn’t work for photo insertion in SF.

WE HAD JAP FOOD TODAY AND I AM DAMN HAPPY. (: Salmon makes me happy. Our shared side order of salmon dragon roll looked abit like this:

Finally fixed up the printer with my linux baby, and now I have to figure out how to configure my webcam to fit with the skype (coz its not automatic here with linux as it is with windows). So I wrote it into fb and it’s quite upsetting how people judge – I’m a new user, I don’t know how to figure out commands so well as yet, and if I’m happy I got my printer working with the ubuntu system, judge me in your head and don’t leave it as a fb comment. Sigh. I actually respected you. Shrugs.

I find I have been disappointed by many things here – mind you, not that they needed to upkeep a certain image – and so I have decided I may need to lower my expectations of this city and its people. That’s just the way it is eh? Standards are still way up there, of course. Expectations are however, on their way to adjustment now.

Met with Talia after the talk at the ISC in the evening (yay!) – which, by the way, was disappointing^ – and had a good time talking with her, and after showing her my book (The Ecology of Commerce) and talking about life, environmental attitudes and other issues, we walked to the bookstore on Bloor to look for books.

That’s how I got The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell) – and for real cheap too! 4.99 CAD without tax. amazing huh. So finally I’m getting down to reading this book. I want to read two of his other books, and the undercover economist, and finish The Genius Within (which I started reading a long time ago but I borrowed it and I cldn’t finish it fast enough so it’s still not finished), and read the economic naturalist (selling 6.99 at the store), and freakonomics.. and a whole list of others.

So plans for the weekend have been made.

We’re finally holding our housewarming party this Sat evening, and invited all the joker’s hill people. Hopefully many turn up, if not all. Just got a reply from Ivana that she can’t make it. Hope Becca can come too! Karen and Esther might stay over, and we’ll plan for Montreal’s trip in October that night. Got buses and hostels to book, and places to find to see. Yayyness! Sunday we’re going to have EstherL as our tourguide to Centre Island (one of the Toronto Islands)! Probably play abit of frisbee too. (: And then, book festival afterwards! Sounds pretty interesting.

^ The talk was on “Psychological barriers to Climate Change”, one of the many talks held this week for Environment Week. President of Science for Peace organisation is a psychoanalyst and she didn’t really answer what I had in mind, I suppose. Just really said what was obvious and didn’t address the issues, I felt. Bad speaker too. Too many people are bad speakers. Sigh.

Currently sitting at the Bahen Centre using my laptop as many people pass me by. in a couple of minutes time I will switch off the charger and laptop, and walk to the blue van (which has gained my loyalty simply by its choice of salmon patties) and get a burger. Perhaps no chips this time, because a combo costs $6, and finishing it will give me an uncomfortably bloated stomach.

Economics lecture will begin by the time I finish my burger, and it will be time to hand in the 2942 word essay I churned out last night. Doomsday. Shrugs. I have no idea what to expect, I don’t know if I’ve written coherently, I’ve done what I could in the couple of hours I had, so that’s that. I’ve submitted it to the powers beyond me.

Free pears and a peach from Robarts sit beside me, wanting to be eaten. Now? Mebbe later, when they’re softer, and more ripe.

Tried to change tutorial session earlier, because having the same session will mean that I will always perpetually be rushing to tutorial, which I may not reach in time to see her start. Tutorial, unlike lecture, was supremely disappointing. There was no discussion, despite questions to facilitate one. It was questions from the TA, that come from the course reprotext, and replies of opinion and regurgitation from the participants – those who choose to speak, or raise their hands fast enough. It is beyond me to understand how people can, before the question is completed, raise their hand in anticipation of answering.

Quite at peace with myself right now, far removed from the panic I felt moments earlier during tutorial when I realised I had no clue what the TA was asking. Her question of incoherence was surprisingly comprhensible by the other people of the class – which to me either means they are just answering because they want the participation points, or they cling to any shred of meaning they have coerced from the mumbling of words the TA produced.

Speaking of which, this is what I produced yesterday, in the midst of trying to write my essay.

I find it fairly amusing. Come now, it is time for the burger to be ordered.

oh, everytime i eat muesli i want to write about it. :D

my ocd surfaces when i procrastinate.

i start to walk around the house (whichever house i am in at the point of time) and look at things. itchy fingers begin to adjust papers and clean up, distracted eyes point to discrepancies in row and column alignments, dustballs (especially) and things of the lowest priority.

ideas pop out then, about what to do next. what blog entry to write about next, what photos to upload, what captions to write. equip me with paper and pen at this point of time, and you will begin to see lists of things to do, write, see, and all sorts of other general categories appear.

the thought of exercising comes then into the field, and this is generally when it begins to slow down. exercise brings with it a shower of fatigue, and when i am slowed down i return back to my original, oftentimes dreaded, task that i had vainly and naively tried to keep at bay.

the reason why you see so many blog posts, facebook updates and pictures at this point of time is due to the essay due tomorrow. why i ran this morning, and why i cleaned up yesterday also points to that answer. that, and the fact that its a lot of words to write about something i don’t know, and a question i am unclear about.

ask me to write to the prof for clarity? i did. he said: “its about reflecting on the readings, which will allow me to gauge the class’ understanding of economics”

what do you make of that?

got this from siewlee:

” The rest of your life is a long time and whether you know it or not, it’s being shaped right now. You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate or bad luck or bad choices, or you can fight back! Things aren’t always gonna be fair in the real world, that’s just the way it is. But for the most part, you get what you give. Let me ask you one question. What’s worse? Not getting everything you wish for or getting it, but finding out it’s not enough? The rest of your life is being shaped right now, with the dreams you chase, the choices you make, and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time, and the rest of your life starts right now.
– one tree hill

check out her blog at fromolivewholeheartedly.wordpress.com – its an inspirational blog aimed to bring an inspiration message through quotes, pictures and what have you, every day. (:

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