sunday! rest day over here (the only one day in the field course of two weeks – and i actually didn’t expect any rest days at all! so bonus for me yayy :D) and woke up early to talk to the boyfriend (: happy! been so long since i saw/talked to him (:

and midway through the conversation, we got interrupted by a bird that curiously got ‘stuck’ onto the window screen: here you can see daniel trying to talk to the bird “heyy little birdie, fly away! go on, you don’t belong here, there’s nothing for you here”. i pulled one of the claws loose of the screen, and after daniel tried to move it to the bird feeder, it plopped suddenly down onto the window sill and sat there for a few seconds before flying off suddenly into the distance (:

 DSC_0044 DSC_0046

drama event of the day!

its a cold morning (and colder night last night) at 18 degrees today with showers predicted in the afternoon and night! –makes face.

today was supposed to be photo day with evelyn and desmond (was gonna walk around and take many photos and explore joker’s hill) but cloudy skies don’t bode well for expensive electronic equipment!

anyway, here’s a side view of the classroom:


project presentations yesterday went really well, and we headed up to the Koffler’s mansion to do presentations with powerpoint and ‘conference’ chairs too. ivana did the opening of the presentation and treated us like scientific delegates gathered at a conference! it was cool. i love presentations, and it’s fun coz my project’s complicated but it’s all good! it was also really funny to watch my friends present. :D work hard play hard!

these are our results! (annie and i formed one group)


so looking at milkweed as a study species, we found that as the number of flowers (in an inflorescence) goes up, the higher the number of fertilised flowers result. (good for us!) and we also found that as density increases (as a function of cumulative distance between plants), the percentage of fertilisation increases!

supported our hypothesis somewhat, and in the future its about testing for self-fertilised aborted pods as well as other self-compatible plants! (because Aclepsias syriaca our study species is self-incompatible).

DSC_0420 annie in the field. literally!

bonfire last night (pictures are with desmond and sarah) was really cool! we had pizza for dinner – and to think it was only because the caterer wasn’t providing for saturday dinner – and it was absolutely delicious! four slices for each person, and piping hot cheese tomato based crusty bread with toppings never felt so good! wine and alcohol was passing around, and lying down watching the stars with a crackling fire beside us and fantastic company with beautiful singing, it’s completely an experience to soak in and just, enjoy. (:


it’s been an awesome week working hard (in the field and getting so tanned omg!) and playing hard (we laugh so much its unbelievable!) that i can’t wait for the next week to come! its more field trips coming up and we’ll even be moving out of joker’s hill to explore the area.

more coming up soon (:




1 Response to "rest!"

wah… you update like everyday *thumbs up*.. love the sunset shot and the last pic of you (finally, a picture of you… lol).

All this makes me wish that I can Year 2 Sem 1… but i know, i know, it’s all part of the process. =) Rock on, Mindy~~

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