torontobliss (:

Posted on: August 16, 2009

on the airplane with four other crazy dudes and this accompanying me:


blocks of ice floating – and my vegan meal which was absolutely delicious! tasted like cheese with mexican rice or something like that.

i couldn’t wait to get off the plane and set foot in the country i had been dreaming of going to ever since i felt it was possible. soon we all fell deep asleep and concussed on the later flights, and i was lucky not to miss this:


stepping out into the cool air of the night and finally reaching downtown toronto after close to 28 hours of travel had me filled with a supreme feeling of satisfaction, excitement, and anticipation all rolled into one – immigration had been a sitch, and the only gripe some of us was about how unitedairlines treated our luggage (very rudely).

thought: this beautiful city needs to be explored right away!


but alas, it was midnight when we finally settled in, and sleep beckoned, and i gave in to the soft bed and clean, washed linen of the canadianabackpackers.



karen arrived the next day at 7am (and i received her, surprised and sleepy-headed at the door) and she promptly went to bed for the short while that she had before breakfast was served.

pancakes and maple syrup (cheapo kind) was kindly provided for by the hostel, and after filling up on glucose and flour, we set out with a mission of exploration and a need to settle our tcard matriculation into uoft, amongst other things.


and so, we walked.

and walked.

and walked.

the town is beautiful, and stretches for miles with quaint electric trams, rustic bicycles (which triggered romanticised notions in evelyn) and colourful buildings and alleyways. the feeling of peace and serenity was all about with the laidback attitude we all took in with each breath, and it all made us grin like little kids with new lollipops!


sneaker shops, awesome names for shops (like eggspectation!) and witty/cheeky advertisements popped out from each corner as we crossed blocks and figured out how to understand the traffic lights.

finally reaching uoft itself, i was astounded by how beautiful the buildings were: macham mini-castles complete with creeper vines that climbed across the buildings effortlessly. cottage-lookalike houses dotted the outskirts of the campus, and stereotypical hotdog stands would appear at every other street.

we realised that toronto has an extreme daylight hours: from 6am the sun shines all the way to when it’s 9pm at day night. how did we realise it? by feeling extremely tired and not having realised that we had been walking for about 10 hours until we decided to look at our watch. seriously. it’s pretty amazing and disorienting if you ask me!


the next two days was spent exploring the town in every direction and getting extremely distracted by gorgeous shops that we found at every turn, getting horrendously lost and loving it. settled the apartment lease, visited the apartment (now eve and i can’t wait to make it our own!) and settled some bank issues as well. accomplished!


expenditure was pretty high so far, but it was coz we had payments to make for a number of things. oh oh! and we also got our handphone numbers for canada. (:

little italy, portugal, france, church street, queen/king street and bloor area were just a few of the places we had visited and completely loved! especially bloor area, which is near to our apartment. supermarket (window) shopping, sitting on mowed lawns in ufot eating pizza, getting lost in huge bookshops, and discovering basement shops with scandalous buys filled our days here (:


and if you want to know about food, other than the occasional asian buy, we’ve had pizza, hotdogs, subs and coffee (timhorton’s is pretty darn good) that saved us quite a bit of money and also cost us quite a bit. the ranges here are from 2CAD to 28CAD for a meal. it all depends on where you go, and what you want to eat!


like us, you can sit on the lawn with air-con cold lofty breezes, lush grass and beautiful company!

loving talking to stallowners and people on the street got me acquainted with irena (of tdbank) from croatia, the polish lady who sold us hotdogs and a few other colourful characters. it feels like the adventure has only begun, and i only wished that i had years to spend here!

looking forward to spending time immersed in toronto life and with splendid company in fantastic classes,


signing off,


2 Responses to "torontobliss (:"

hello hello :) missing you!! your photos and toronto looks great. Keep updating ok!

hey, get someone to take pics of u too!! (or use the ever-so-useful self timer that dpns always love =p ) else we’ll be looking at ur blog but nt seeing pics of U hahahah!!

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